Mexico has more holidays than the United States and Canada. If you just want to have fun and enjoy the day, please note the * items below. However, if you are trying to conduct business, you need to know that if a holiday falls on a Thursday or Tuesday, many Mexicans take off the Friday or Monday in addition. Most businesses are closed during all holidays and festivals.

  • January l: New Year´s Day, a legal holiday
  • January 6: Three Kings: Day, also known as the Wise Men´s Day.
  • January l7: The Feast of St. Antony is celebrated by blessing the animals.
  • February 2: Candlemas Day
  • February 5: Constitution Day, a legal holiday March or April (varies): Seven day Carnival with parades, music and dancing *
  • March or April (varies): Holy Week or Semana Santa is celebrated with religious processions, etc.
  • March 21: Celebration of Benito Juares´s birthday, a legal holiday
  • May l: Labor Day – a legal holiday
  • May 5: Cinco de Mayo *
  • September l5: El Grito, the yell, is celebrated at ll pm. This is the start of Independence Day.
  • September l6: Independence Day *
  • November 2: Day of the Dead – a major religious holiday. *
  • December 12: A celebration of Mexico´s patron saint, Our Lady of Guadeloupe
  • December l6: The start of Mexico´s Posadas – a traditional before-Christmas celebration.
  • December 25: Christmas Day

There are additional festivals depending on the area of Mexico - as you know, it is a big country and each area has unique festivals.

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